Event Details:

  • Level 4 CTE Professional Development Class
  • This class is designed for advanced CTE teachers
  • Participants must create a business plan for a new School-Based Enterprise (SBE) or an in-depth analysis of a current SBE in order to earn ADE credit
  • Participants should bring their own technology to work on business plan

An effective school-based enterprise (SBE) provides students with the unique opportunity to develop and practice real-world industry experience while serving the needs of their campus and/or community! This course is designed to help participants successfully develop and manage a successful SBE.

Participants will analyze the key components of SBEs and identify the differences between this model and other forms of work-based learning.  Participants will also identify the key elements necessary for planning and implementing a school-based enterprise including best practices and record-keeping requirements. Throughout this course, participants will develop a business plan for their proposed enterprise.

NOTE:  There is homework associated with this class if you wish to earn (1) ADE Credit.


10/27/2022 8:00 AM − 4:00 PM