Event Details:

  • Level 4
  • No prerequisite
  • This class is designed for advanced CTE teachers. 

This highly engaging course will provide you with an opportunity to evaluate the purpose of formative assessments.  Topics include the role and types of assessments, the process to develop an objective assessment as well as criteria for crafting quality multiple-choice items.  You will learn the skills needed to create objective assessment items using a process that mirrors the development of items for the Arizona CTE Technical Skill Assessments. You will develop an understanding of how to assess student skills in relation to standards and Bloom’s Taxonomy levels that require the application of concepts and critical thinking. In addition to learning about assessment development, you will create formative assessment items for use with students in your CTE program and others in the CTE community.

You will be empowered to implement concepts immediately in your classroom.

NOTE:  There is homework associated with this class to earn 1 ADE credit (15 hours).


User avatar Joel Wakefield


03/7/2023 8:00 AM − 4:00 PM