Event Details:

Session Dates: August 1 - September 12, 2022

  • Level 2 CTE Class
  • No prerequisite
  • This class is designed for all CTE teachers who must sit for the Assessment of Professional Knowledge Test.

This asynchronous, online class allows you to learn at your own pace.  You can access lectures, readings, and other learning materials to complete assignments and other activities at any time during this six-week period. A big benefit to asynchronous classes is, of course, the flexibility.  

Are you prepared to take AEPA Professional Knowledge Assessment for Secondary Education? This course provides an overview of standards and material covered on the exam.  Participants will engage in discussion and application activities in regard to student development and learning, assessment, instruction, the learning environment, and the professional environment to prepare for the assessment. 

Participants will be required to attend a Zoom Kick-Off Meeting on Monday, August 1st from 4-5pm. Participants must complete one section per week. The class will close on September 12 at midnight.

Completion certificate: 1 ADE credit (15 hours)


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08/1/2022 − 09/12/2022 8:00 AM − 5:00 PM


Online Class