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Adding a daily gratitude practice to your team or classroom creates a culture that supports learning. Learning does not occur unless both the environment and the student are open to the process. Creating a Culture of Gratitude in your classroom reduces entitlement, improves security, and leaves everyone open to learning.

This power-packed two-hour course will teach you the multitude of benefits derived from implementing a daily gratitude practice in your class. You will learn the art of how to make it effective and highly productive. You will leave ready to start the practice that same day (with little to no effort).

Gratitude helps students and professionals learn the soft skills we all so desperately need. This class works as a standalone concept and practice but also as a foundational and complementary class to Instructional Best Practices and Classroom Management.

If you attend one class this year, make it this one! It is the easiest thing you can implement with the greatest benefits. Gratitude will change your students and you - leaving you all free to enjoy the process of learning.


User avatar Michael Tapscott


10/17/2023 8:00 AM − 10:00 AM