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What Support Personnel Should Know

Know what I mean? You will! In just two hours, you will be able to comprehend West-MEC's meaning regarding these subjects: ·          Sex Offender Policy just adopted in December - Luisa Brown ·      &n...
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When: 1/8/2024 1:00 PM − 3:00 PM
Where: START @ West-MEC - Glendale, AZ
Cost: $0.00

More Than Sad: Suicide Awareness Training

In an American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 2020 report, suicide is identified as the 2nd leading cause of death for Arizona's adolescents and young adults (ages 10-34). In fact, on average, one person dies by suicide every six hours in our state. As an intervention to reduce the suicide ra...
When: 3/1/2024 12:30 PM − 3:30 PM
Where: West-MEC - District Office
Cost: $0.00