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Alexis Perez

Alexis Perez has a passion for public health, health education, and providing training opportunities. With a BS in Public Health from Northern Arizona University and a Master’s in Public Health from The University of Arizona, Alexis has expanded her knowledge in public health while at Touchstone HealthServices. Her work has focused on collaborating with schools in providing a multitude of services for youth in the West Valley. Additionally, she has worked on a clinical level to provide behavioral health services for youth in a school setting.

Currently, she works as one of three Prevention Supervisors who focuses on implementing evidence-based youth programming at both school and community levels and provides professional development trainings on topics including Youth Mental Health First Aid, trauma-informed care, mental health awareness, and more. Alexis has enjoyed her work in providing clinical services and health education for multiple youths, collaborating with school officials on program implementation, and coaching her team to grow as well-rounded facilitators.